Listen! Sigur Rós – Ísjaki

Sigur Rós have been prolific little buggers haven’t they? After releasing Valtari last year, complete with a shitload of videos I’m too lazy to link to, you would think the band would disappear for awhile. But then they realized they lived in Iceland and headed back to the studio (just kidding, Icelanders!). The band are releasing Kveikuron June 17/18 and have given us their first ever lyric video. This is helpful since they don’t sing in English.

Sigur Rós - Ísjaki (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube screen cap

The track is Ísjaki and is upbeat, layered, and beautiful. The chorus just soars and swirls with vocals, instruments, and emotion. If you like Sigur Rós, you’ll probably love this track. Check it out below.

Sigur Rós – Ísjaki

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