PeteHatesMusic Monthly Mix: Best New Hip Hop and Dance / EDM – February 2015

PHM special contributor Danny Boy has come out of hibernation, and drafted 10 tracks from the worlds of hip hop and dance / EDM. These tunes were all released during the coldest month in Toronto’s history – Feburrrrrrrrrary #dadjokes #goodbyestreetcred

Young and Plain - Dirty Work (in page)

Let the Dad jokes end, and the playlists begin. Check out the two playlists below and get your groove on, or whatever the young kids do to bangin’ tracks.

Hip Hop Monthly Playlist
Pete Marriott – Rasta Riddem
Young and Plain – Red Clay
Tim Nihan & SSB feat. Mr. Fritz – Play Pause Repeat
Kid Ink – Cool Back
Fatgyver – Liberation Rhythm
Chelsea Reject feat. CJ Fly of Pro Era & T’nah Apex – Go
Drake – 10 Bands
Skizzy Mars feat. Phoebe Ryan – The City
Big Sean feat. Drake & Kanye West – Blessings
Bobby Brackins feat. Zendaya & Jeremih – My Jam

Dance / EDM Monthly Playlist
Sebastian Markiewicz – Creatures From The Forest
Schiere – Machine (Original Mix)
Foba – Drop Down
Sebastian Knight – Gordito (Original Mix)
Pay & White – Progressive Rock (Original Mix)
Soul Clap feat. Dayonne Rollins – So Sedated
Ashton Love, Vhana & Electric Joy Ride – Rebound
Dope Hex – The Last Quake
Algo & The Greys – Spaceboots Pt. 2
Dzeko & Torres – Alarm (Original Mix)

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