Listen! Inventions – Escapers

Hopefully you’ve been paying attention to the music being dropped by Eluvium’s Matthew T. Cooper and Explosions In The Sky’s Mark T. Smith (himself being a past interviewee on PHM). The duo are known as Inventions, and have a new album on March 17, aka St. Patrick’s Day, aka the day I wake up a) in jail b) in a ditch c) on the floor of my boss’s house, wondering if I still have a job or am getting promoted instead.

Inventions logo

The duo are following up Springworlds and Peregrine with Escapers, which is what I call the girls I date who run away in the first 10 minutes (spoiler alert: it is all of them). The song features some vocal dialogue on top of some blips and sounds crashing to be heard. Check out Escapers below.

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