Listen! The Killers – Shot at the Night (produced by M83)

So the Killers have been around for 10 years – how about that? To celebrate, they are releasing a daily calendar a compilation called Direct Hits, which sounds like a cheesy album that you would order through an infomercial. It’ll be better than those infomercial knives that I ordered that can cut through slippers, which is not actually a good use for a knife, as now I need new slippers.

The Killers - Shot at the Night (via YouTube screen cap)
The band have included 2 new songs on this compilation, and one of them is produced by Anthony Gonzalez from M83. The track is Shot at the Night, and you can hear the M83-tinged track below. You can grab Deluxe Hits on November 11.

The Killers – Shot at the Night (produced by M83)

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