Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Honors Indie Artists with Indie Night

When we think of casino performers, it’s hard not to start thinking about the great Vegas headliners – big-ticket names and death-defying acts. A casino certainly doesn’t feel like the place for an indie band. Thanks to the efforts of one Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver, however, this is slowly changing, as the said casino has been holding Indie Nights at regular intervals, with the upcoming show in April featuring Bend Sinister.

This stands as proof of Hard Rock Vancouver’s continued commitment towards spreading the love for independent music, which was something they had said they would be focusing on when they first came to Vancouver in 2013. “We really want to focus on Canadian music and celebrate the local indie scene, too.” Howard Blank, the vice president of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation said. “A lot of acts stay away from casinos and the fact is casinos didn’t want them either, it’s more about the meat and potato acts,” he added. “We’re trying to be as diverse as possible.”


All over the world, Hard Rock Casinos have become synonymous with entertainment, and their continued push towards providing a diverse selection of music to their patrons is done in an effort to maintain this reputation. There is a greater need for casinos to stand out today, as the congested casino sector continues to expand. In other parts of the world, Hard Rock Casinos have also tried to make a name for themselves. In Las Vegas, where casinos like The Stratosphere try to stand out with thrilling rides and large structures, Hard Rock is known for its Rock-n-Roll museum, while in Atlantic City, as Trump Plaza, Harrah’s, and the Golden Nugget Casino have teamed up with Betfair to bring online gaming to patrons, Hard Rock has launched a café within the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino. Hard Rock Vancouver has tried to fill a niche in the indie music industry instead.

“We toured the Hard Rock Casinos around the world and each is designed with its own feel,” added Blank. In Vancouver, this feel revolves around holding regular Indie Nights and showcasing a varied selection of musical acts.

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