This Seems Practical: A Bulletproof iPhone Case

Japanese company Marudai has produced a bulletproof iPhone 4 case (via Dvice). I’m pretty sure that if I need a bulletproof case for my phone, I have bigger problems (as well as misplaced priorities). The case comes with a 1-inch plate of steel armor, which protects your phone from bullets. I guess this might act as some kind of new age pocket protector. The cost of the case rivals that of the phone – about $650. I think you’re better off putting a down payment on that Batsuit you’ve always wanted (and by you, I mean me).

bulletproof iphone case (via

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  1. 2012/04/17

    […] girl sitting across from you on the bus). It’ll cost you $25, which is not as outrageous as the bulletproof iPhone case, and this has more 1980s retro appeal. Bonus: it works when your iPhone battery is dead (which, […]