Morning Music Notes – Now I’m Everything

A new Nine Inch Nails song has appeared on the radio, which means it has also appeared on the Internet. Is it dark, electronic, and gothy? No – it’s Trent Reznor doing some pop music! Seriously!

The track is called Everything, and is off up highly anticipated new Nine Inch Nails album, Hesitation Marks. Check out past releases Came Back Haunted and Copy of A and then pop out to Everything below.

Nine Inch Nails – Everything

Morning Music Notes

The Calling are readying a new album and tour. Apparently what goes up must come down, as singer Alex Band was beaten and left for dead in Michigan. Band’s injuries include a fractured spine, broken teeth, and numerous cuts and bruises (via The Guardian)

10 years ago, Justin Timberlake shed his boy band image, and has released several critically acclaimed solo albums, and dated a slew of Hollywood actresses. Rumour has it that he will return to his roots and start dating normal girls join the N Sync gang at the MTV VMAs on Sunday night (via Billboard)

Beats Electronics, home of Beats By Dre, is looking to expand into speakers and audio systems for cars, as well as snagging a new investor. How does Beats by Milli Vanilli sound? (via Hollywood Reporter)

Woman beater Chris Brown has cancelled his Canadian tour dates. Why? Who cares! (via Exclaim)

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