Listen to the PeteHatesMusic Monthly Mix – October 2014

Not only have I been overdosing on Halloween candy, but my sloth-like state has delayed me in posting the Monthly Mix from October. If only I could reach the keyboard over my belly….

Aquilo - Human

You know the drill – we give you some awesome tracks from October, you email us and tell us how we helped you find your new favourite band, we eat candy to celebrate, and the vicious cycle continues. We have not one but two tracks by the talented duo known as Aquilo, plus we end with a couple of instrumental tracks. There’s something for everyone!

Check out the PeteHatesMusic Monthly Mix for October, and tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @PeteHatesMusic.

The Growlers – Good Advice
Thumpers – Devotee (featuring Jena Malone)
Caribou – Our Love
Aquilo – I Gave It All
Vaults – Vultures
Summer Heart – Sleep
Aquilo – Human
Cloud Nothings – Now Hear In
MONO – Cyclone
Cold, Cold Heart – Wolf Eyes, You’re Staring

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