Watch Thom Yorke Play a Couple Tunes on the Jonathan Ross Show

Thom Yorke is picking and choosing his media as he somewhat promotes his new album with Atoms for Peace. And here I thought my endless love notes posts were promotion enough. Yorke played the Jonathan Ross show by himself, just him and his piano. He played one Atoms for Peace tune – Ingenue – as well as part of the Radiohead classic Karma Police.

Thom Yorke - Ingenue (Live Jonathan Ross Show) - YouTube screen cap

Ingenue was nice to hear with just the piano, giving it a little more beauty (like me in a sun dress). Or like Thom Yorke dancing during the Ingenue video. Check out both of the videos below, with a quick interview before Karma Police kicks off.

Thom Yorke – Ingenue (live on Jonathan Ross Show)

Thom Yorke – Karma Police (live on Jonathan Ross Show)

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