Morning Music Notes – Everyone is Faking It

Portugal. The Man turned to “the man” aka Danger Mouse to produce their most recent record. Tracks like Purple Yellow Red and Blue and Atomic Man have been quite strong, showing that Danger Mouse often brings out the best in the artist he works with.

Portugal.The Man - Modern Jesus [Official Music Video] - YouTube screen cap
The band have a new video for Modern Jesus. The song is another track that has a catchy, group sung chorus, while the verse has an infectious beat and rhythm. The video has a bit of a (overused word alert!) YOLO-theme to it, with lots of random, fun acts taking place (and some not fun ones, too). Check out the latest cut off of Evil Friends.

Portugal.The Man – Modern Jesus

Morning Music Notes

Daft Punk pulled out of their scheduled Stephen Colbert TV appearance because of apparent contractual obligations to MTV. Instead, Stephen Colbert aired an awesome dancing segment with tons of guest stars like Matt Damon, Jimmy Fallon, and more. I always wondered how he pulled together such an elaborate piece with such short notice. It turns out, the cancellation may have been pre-planned (via Consequence of Sound)

Green Day used a modified version of an artist’s (Derek Seltzer’s) work during their live show, Seltzer sues, and Green Day wins the case. Find out how it happened (via Guardian)

Google’s streaming service, Google Play Music All Access (kind of just rolls off the tongue), expands its service out of USA to include UK, France, Australia, and others…but not Canada (via Slash Gear)

Stars, who we just saw at Osheaga, have a brand new limited-edition 7″ with two unreleased tracks. One is called Wishful, and you can hear it at NPR.

Aracde Fire have a new album out in October (possibly called Reflektor?), and are staying busy by providing the soundtrack to Spike Jonze’s new film, Her, which stars Joaquin Phoenix. Check out a trailer here (via NME)

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