Morning Music Notes – Ball One

More solo stuff from Hot Chip singer Alexis Taylor. His 2nd solo album will be called Await Barbarians, and we’ve already heard Elvis Has Left The Building. Our latest taste is Without A Crutch.

Alexis Taylor without a Crutch via YouTube screen cap

Putting aside the dancey rhythms of Hot Chip, we get a slower, chill track from Taylor. Give it a listen and look for the album June 17 in North America (June 16 in the UK).

Alexis Taylor – Without A Crutch

Morning Music Notes

Beastie Boys showed up in court and Ad-Rock took the stand in a case against Monster Beverage Corp. At an event here in Canada, a DJ played some Beastie Boy songs in a megamix shortly after MCA died. A video and essentially an ad for the energy drink played on a video screen, including a RIP MCA phrase in the shape of the Monster logo. The case continues, and hopefully isn’t being filmed for reality TV purposes. (via Billboard)

Soundgarden’s Superunknown is 20 years old, and Chris Cornell has a chat with Rolling Stone about the memories (or lack thereof). There’s a few typically boring answers, but a good read for fans.

Sure, he might have survived getting shot 9 times, but 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson, sure as hell can’t throw a baseball. Watch how it is not done below. “Just a bit outside” is pretty accurate (unlike his pitch – zing!).

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