Morning Music Notes – Here’s a Few Tracks to Tide You Over

Cold Specks has a brand, spanking new song from a brand, spanking new album. The album will be called Neuroplasticity and is out August 25/26, depending where on this green Earth you live.

Cold Specks - Absisto

Our first listen is Absisto, with the soulful vocals of Al Spx complimenting the drones and interesting sounds fighting their way to get into the song. Take a listen below.

Morning Music Notes

What are R.E.M. up to these days? Not much – just releasing 131 SONGS of B-sides, covers, live tracks, and other assorted tracks. Yowzers. (via Consequence of Sound)

Remember when we were led to believe (and then led you to believe) that Twitter wanted to buy SoundCloud? Apparently the “numbers don’t add up” which is a problem when you’re dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars. So yeah, nothing is happening. (via Digital Music News)

Do you like the TV show 24? Although cheesy at times, I love all things British (hi Mom and Dad!), and since the new season takes place in London, I love it even more (and miss London even more). The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with 24 composer Sean Callery, who has worked on every single episode of 24. Boom – managed to blog about 24.

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