Morning Music Notes – Black or White or Hologram

Banks. How many times have we posted about her? If I could count, you would have an answer. Her debut album is due in September, and we’ve heard title track Goddess. Now we get a taste of Drowning.

Banks - Drowning

Strong vocals, interesting production by Al Shux, and solemn lyrics make Drowning a solid track. Give it a listen below.

Morning Music Notes

Could Twitter buy music service SoundCloud? The rumours are that they are interested in the company, which is valued at $700 Million. If they do, hopefully they don’t fuck it up like they did Twitter #Music (via Digital Music News)

Avicii rolled into Toronto on the weekend, hot off his production work with Coldplay. 29 people were sent to the hospital from his show though, with most cases due to excessive alcohol use and one (only one?!) case of drug use. (via Hollywood Reporter)

So Tommy Lee is helping out the Smashing Pumpkins with their new album. He will be on 9 tracks of Monuments To An Elegy and will excite fans with these sound bites: “I think he has probably the best record he’s ever written. These are like epic, goose-bump songs. It sounds like the first couple of Smashing Pumpkins records. I was fucking blown away.” (via NME)

We end with the return of the hologram. First we had Hologram Tupac. Now, we not only have a posthumous album from Michael Jackson, but we have a full on holographic performance. This raises the debate whether this is the future or if this is creepy and doesn’t belong (which was often said about non-holographic Michael Jackson). It is somewhat impressive, as you can see below. I think the standing ovation was unnecessary though!

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