Morning Music Notes – Phantom of the Heart Shaped Box

As promised to us, every week another video from SOHN’s 4AD Session will be release. From these sessions, we’ve seen The Wheel and Artifice, both of which were incredible. This week, we’re treated to Bloodflows. These tracks are from upcoming album Tremors, out on April 7.

SOHN - Bloodflows via YouTube screen cap

If these videos have taught you anything, it’s that lights are cool! you need to see SOHN live. Toronto folks can do so on May 14. Check out Bloodflows below.

SOHN – Bloodflows (4AD Session)

Morning Music Notes

STOP THE PRESSES! Does anyone these days know what this expression actually means? What does it actually mean?? While you’re figuring that out, let me tell you that my man-crush Thom Yorke and his band of awesome musicians known as Radiohead will be MAKING MORE AWESOME MUSIC. Well, at least planning to make more music. They will reconvene at the end of this summer. (via Consequence of Sound)

Kurt Cobain: The Musical? You (and Courtney Love’s ever-draining bank account) can probably count on it. Courtney Love wants it to happen, but only if it’s done right. And who the heck knows what her definition of ‘right’ is? (via NME)

Following in the footsteps of Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis, RHCP bassist Flea is going to write a memoir. No ghostwriter, either. Anthony Kiedis told his own tale (and some of Flea’s) in his excellent and #1 New York Times Best Selling 2004 bio, Scar Tissue. Hopefully this is equally as awesome. (via Consequence of Sound)

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