Morning Music Notes – The War on Mind Games

The War on Drugs are getting rave reviews for their new album Lost in the Dream. They’ve also been pulling out a semi-obscure John Lennon song at their live songs.

The War on Dreams - Lost in the Dream

Courtesy of SoundCloud user acidjacknyc and, we have a live recording of John Lennon’s 1973 song, Mind Games. This was played last week at the Bowery Ballroom in New York. If you like both acts, well, then you’re in luck. Give it a listen below.

Morning Music Notes

A 4th person has now died as a result of the hit-and-run that took place at SXSW. Charges have been laid against Rashad Charjuan Owens, including capital murder. (via Rolling Stone)

Kate Bush announced her first shows in 35 years, playing a series of 22 shows in London, England. All 22 shows sold out in less than 15 minutes, even making No Kate Bush trend on Twitter from all of the sad people who couldn’t score tickets. Who is Kate Bush again? (via Guardian)

Some celebrities wear clothing lines because they get paid. Some wear it because they hope to get paid from the company. Others just simply dig it. After popping up in Adidas at the Oscars, the Brits, and the NBA All-Star Game half time show (as well as a ridiculous looking Arbys-like hat), Pharrell Williams has confirmed that he has signed and teamed with Adidas. Yay? (via Billboard)

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