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Rihanna to Partner with Best Buy

Apologies for this blog turning into a bit of a Rihannafest of late, but when you do interesting things, you’re going to get talked about. Best Buy has said that you will get the new Rihanna album free if you activate any contract mobile phone at Best Buy or Best Buy mobile location (via MTV).

“Rihanna is one of the biggest stars in music today and we expect this to be a big release,” senior vice president and general manager for the home entertainment group at Best Buy, Chris Homeister, said in a statement about the partnership. “Leveraging our Best Buy Mobile business on this offer sets us apart from the competition and gives consumers a great reason to visit Best Buy for their music and smartphone needs.”

I don’t know if this ($15 saving) will entice people to go to Best Buy, or will simply be a bonus to Rihanna fans who were planning on activating their phone anyways.

View Apple’s Homepages Since 1997

What do they call Apple fans? Applaholics? Apple geeks? Anyway, if you find yourself to be one of those, then you should check out this flickr page, which details every Apple homepage since 1997. How many do you remember? Me – none. I don’t use the internet (other than blogging for this wonderful website).

Watch Scott Weiland’s video for Winter Wonderland

With Southern Ontario getting some brief snow bursts yesterday, it is (sadly) an appropriate time for some Christmas music. And with Scott Weiland’s interesting career move to provide them, we can now watch a video for one of the songs, Winter Wonderland. Did Scott Weiland lose a bet? What happened to the guy?! He actually sounds good. I’ll be interested to see how many parents people discover him through this album, and then decide to look into his back catalogue….

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