Morning Music Notes – Smash Pumpkins Not Name Brand Chairs

Alt-J to Score British Indie Film, Leave To Remain

Mercury Prize winners Alt-J will be composing the soundtrack to Leave to Remain, a new British movie by Bruce Goodison (via NME). The film stars Toby Jones and is about teenagers from other countries learning to survive in the UK. Sounds like a documentary about Alt-J – or actually, nothing like that at all.

Goodison wrote the script for the movie while listening to Alt-J’s album, An Awesome Wave. The movie is about a girl named Matilda, whose favourite shape is a triangle, and wait a sec – these are the lyrics to an Awesome Wave. The movie plot is clearly different, right?

Record Store Day has an Ambassador and His Name is Jack White

Jack White and his Third Man Records have been incredibly innovative when it comes to vinyl releases, both in distribution (balloons anyone?) and in playback (liquid inside the centre piece). So what better person to name for the Record Store Day Ambassador than Jack White?

Record Store Day is Saturday, April 20 and helps celebrate – you guessed it – the record store. Thanks to digital downloads, the indie record store is dying, and Record Store Day aims to help the little guy. Sure, the day might create limited, special edition records that people buy and put on eBay purely for profit, forcing the real thereby killing the whole point of Record Store Day, but the spirit is there at least. Check out a snippet of Jack’s lengthy statement:

“As Record Store Day Ambassador of 2013 I’m proud to help in any way I can to invigorate whoever will listen with the idea that there is beauty and romance in the act of visiting a record shop and getting turned on to something new that could change the way they look at the world, other people, art, and ultimately, themselves.

Let’s wake each other up.”

Staples Centre Really Wants Morrissey, Decide to Give Up Delicious Sausages for Him

Renowned vegetarian, Morrissey, has quite some sway. He’s used his crusade for animal-rights to previously ban meat at festivals. But on March 1, Los Angeles’ Staples Centre will not serve foot long hot dogs, Polish sausages, or any other tasty, tasty meats for Morrissey’s show (via Stereogum).

Apparently Paul McCartney made the same request and was denied! Who knew a Smith was more powerful than a Beatle? Inside the Staples Centre, McDonalds will close, while other vendors will be totally meat free. Yum?

Just Because: Billy Corgan’s Furniture Store Commercial

Billy Corgan used to be a musician, but now he writes books, runs a tea shop, and started up Resistance Pro Wrestling. He used the latter in conjunction with Walter E. Smithe’s Furniture to make the somewhat lame, somewhat comical commercial below (via Pitchfork). Check out the weirdness below, and hope a wrestling match doesn’t break out the next time you play musical chairs.

Watch! Josephine – Portrait

Not too long ago, I roamed the Earth with dinosaurs we posted the audio for the lovely Josephine track, Portrait. We now have the accompanying video.

Josephine - Portrait (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap

Josephine does a bunch of backwards walking around London, and has the same white Ikea mug that I had when I lived in London. We’re not so different, Josephine! Check out the lovely sung track Portrait below.

Josephine – Portrait

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