Morning Music Notes – Fake or Real, It’s Terrible

Angel Haze, when not feuding with Azealia Banks, is capable of dishing out some good tracks. The track is produced by Polaris Prize nominated Ottawa group, A Tribe Called Red, and the track is actually called A Tribe Called Red.

Angel Haze - A Tribe Called Red via YouTube screen cap

The rapper kicks off the song with a flurry of raps and is pretty much relentless throughout the song. Check it out below.

Angel Haze – A Tribe Called Red

Morning Music Notes
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Jay Z and Kanye West, makers of the collaborative Watch the Throne album, will perform for one night only at SXSW. Of course, the event is Samsung-sponsored, Jay Z’s mobile company of choice (ignoring all past Blackberry and iPhone raps). The show goes down Wednesday and will surely leave Austin talking on their Samsung devices. (via Pitchfork)

Speaking of Jay Z, a mysterious track claiming to be an unreleased track with Daft Punk surfaced online yesterday. My opinion? Fake or real – it’s pretty terrible. Check it out below if you must.

Daft Punk and Jay Z – Computerized

A double dose of Skrillex – he has a new app and tour, kicking off at SXSW (via Rolling Stone). Rich caught him at Ottawa Bluesfest and was a big fan. The thing about the app is that you can stream Skrillex’s newly announced album, Recess, over a week before it’s March 18 release date. And who said technology was evil? Well, not counting that guy who was killed by his toaster. (via NME)

Outkast’s Andre 3000 is playing Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic – that much we know. What we’ve learned is that Andre 3000 practiced guitar for a whopping 6 hours a day to get ready for the role. It didn’t help that the right-handed playing Andre needed to learn how to play left-handed. Maybe we can get a rock album from him, too? I’d take either left or right handed. (via Rolling Stone)

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