Morning Music Notes – Paul McCartney to Play Every Event Known to Mankind

Diamond Jubilee Concert Roundup

As you might’ve seen with our earlier Coldplay review, we missed the Diamond Jubilee soiree. It seems Prince Philip also missed it, but he had a bladder infection, which is slightly less fun than a Coldplay concert, depending on who you speak to. So what exactly did the Duke of Edinburgh and I miss? Music from every decade of the Queen’s 1000 60 year reign. 10,000 lucky winners got exclusive seats, while an estimated 250,000 spilled over from St. James’s Park by Buckingham Palace over to Hyde Park (via Guardian). We also missed Grace Jones shouting out “We love you, happy birthday our Queen.” This probably confused poor Elizabeth, who then thought it WAS her birthday.

Gary Barlow led the crowd through his Jubilee “special” song, Sing, while Sir Elton John, Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Tom Jones, and Sir Paul McCartney all did their thing. Is there ANY big event that Sir Paul doesn’t play? Pop acts Jessie J and JLS (unheard to both the Queen and most people in North America) did some songs, too. But back to Macca – he played Magical Mystery Tour, All My Loving, Let It Be, the firework producing Live and Let Die, and perhaps oddly Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. Check it out below, on their cool and majesty 360 degree stage, before it gets taken down.

Paul McCartney – Live at Buckingham Palace

Speaking of Paul McCartney…

Remember how I said Paul McCartney plays every big event? You don’t?! Look up like ONE paragraph. Anyway, it is confirmed that he is playing the Opening Ceremonies for the London Summer Olympics (via Billboard). Do you think if the Beatles somehow made it intact to 2012 that they would be playing all of these shows? I think not for some reason. Maybe because Lennon was a grumpy dude, and liked to lay in bed. The opening ceremonies are on July 27, and Paul is “closing the opening”, which sounds deep, but makes sense if you think about it.

The Antlers Announce New Album

The Antlers are following up their critically acclaimed Burst Apart with new album Undersea on July 24 in North America, and July 30 in the UK/Europe (via Stereogum). And like all bands like doing now, the album even has a one minute teaser trailer. You can hear some cooing and see some dolphins and stuff. I’m guessing the album is strictly about dolphins, and by guessing I mean “praying”. Check it out below.

Taylor Hawkins to Play Iggy Pop in CBGB Film

I can’t say that I saw this announcement coming – Foo Fighters’ drummer, Taylor Hawkins, will play Iggy Pop in the upcoming rock n’ roll film, CBGB (via Hollywood Reporter). I guess this means pretty boy Hawkins will need to shave off his facial hair, and also develop a weirdly disgusting shirtless body. The film is not randomly about the letters CBGB, but about the famed New York club where bands like The Ramones and Talking Heads made their names. It closed down in 2008. The movie will also star Alan Rickman (Professor Snape!) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley!) amongst others.

This is Cool: RHCP Honour Nicklas Lidstrom in Detroit

Detroit Red Wings defensemen and all around amazing hockey player, Nicklas Lidstrom just announced his retirement this week. He only played for Detroit, and won a few Stanley Cups and Norris Trophies (as best defensemen) with the team. The day after his announcement, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing in Detroit. Drummer Chad Smith grew up in suburban Detroit and is a Red Wings fan – he put the Wings logo on his bass drum and wore a (possibly ill-advised) Red Wings jumpsuit (via Billboard). Lidstrom was at the show with a few teammates, and he received a rapturous ovation from the 15,000+ at Joe Louis arena.

“This tops it all,” said Lidstrom, who visited with the band and spent time with Smith’s mother Joan Smith after the show. (Wait – what’s this?!) “This is another great memory for me. It’s hard to imagine; I came here 20 years ago… and 20 years later, getting this kind of ovation… I love you guys.”

Stream! Metric – Synthetica

Metric had a private stream of new album, Synthetica up on SoundCloud. Now we have an embeddable version, which is apparently newsworthy. It means you can stay on PeteHatesMusic and view other exciting posts in other tabs in your Internet browser! Anyway, the album is out next week, but you can listen to the whole darn thing below. Check out the latest evolution of the Metric sound below.

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