Listen! Angel Haze – Shut the Fuck Up

This is Round 3 of a bout with no scheduled end. In one corner, we have New Yorker Azealia Banks. In the other corner, we have disputed New Yorker, Angel Haze. The twitter war of yesterday resulted in a diss track from Angel Haze. Earlier today, we got the response track from Azealia Banks.

Three or so hours later, Angel Haze is back with her response to the response track. Let’s have none of this Tupac/Biggie violence shit – let’s keep it to diss tracks. I want a chance to see Azealia Banks before I have to see Hologram Azealia Banks at Coachella.


Angel Haze said “you get an unmastered diss…you aint worth my studio time,” as well as “Done. Last diss track you’ll ever hear from me. Later. Back to living my great ass life.” Angel Haze makes fun of her for being a Twitter personality. Burn? “To be honest, I really wanted to like you, but you ugly, and you lame and your flow is all recycled.” Okay – Burn! Check it out below.

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