PHM Goes Under the Knife

Hello faithful readers and Google search mistakes. PeteHatesMusic has been running since the summer of 2011. There haven’t been too many significant changes, except my hate mail has increased tenfold. What gives? While the features of PeteHatesMusic have slowly changed over these 2.5 years, the look of PeteHatesMusic has been pretty static.

This past weekend, PHM went through a radical revamp. The main page will be entirely image-based, with a preview of the header and intro sentence viewed by hovering over each image. This way, if you see pics of albums, bands, and segments that you like, you can click on these rather than scroll through paragraphs of text to get to the music that you want to hear, or the interviews that you want to read.

One cool new feature is the Website Radio. When reading a specific post on the main page, the right hand side will have this button. Simply click this button and every song posted on PeteHatesMusic will begin to play (not all at once), from newest post to oldest post. Skip the ones you don’t like, or throw it on in the background and catch up with weeks and months worth of posts. Very cool stuff.

Right now, the mobile site isn’t working properly, and we’re looking into it. There’s a few formatting issues that we’re trying to resolve, too. If you notice anything kooky, email me at [email protected] or leave us a comment. If you hate the site, if you love the site, if you want to see more of things or less of other things, let me know – we’re open to ideas.

Thanks for reading (or accidentally Googling).

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