Morning Music Notes – Did I Break The Internet?

Last night I was watching the Oscars and revamping the layout to PeteHatesMusic – what do you think, by the way? I’m asking about the site layout, not the Oscars. Anyway, Twitter broke. Did I do that (said in a Steve Urkel voice)? No, sadly, Ellen did that – but I’ll pretend it was me.

Coldplay, who dropped that new song and direction last week, have announced a brand new album. It’s called Ghost Stories, and will be out May 19. You can also listen to their first single, Magic, right now, which sounds a bit more like Coldplay than Midnight. It’s still a new, restrained sound which suits them, given their somewhat bombastic nature of late.

Coldplay -ghost-stories
Ghost Stories will have 9 tracks, and I can’t wait to see what kind of tour an album called ‘Ghost Stories’ will look like. (via Consequence of Sound)

Coldplay – Magic

Morning Music Notes

Last night at the Oscars, heavyweights U2, Pharrell, and Karen O all did not win Oscars. That went to the song from Frozen. But one musician that you know did win some hardware. Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars fame and will likely never feature on PHM won for Best Supporting Actor, for his excellent role in Dallas Buyers Club. It was a good movie about time travel and cowboys or something. (via Billboard)

Should you buy that Oasis re-issue of Definitely, Maybe? Singer Liam Gallagher says helllllllls no (or something like that with a drunken English slur). (via Exclaim)

In new album news, Klaxons will drop Love Frequency on June 2. Production work will include knob twisting by James Murphy and Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers). (via NME)

Rapper Kendrick Lamar is following up his breakout album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City with a new album in September. At least according to his label’s CEO he is. (via NME)

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