Are the Taliban Posing as Pretty Girls on Facebook to Learn Secret Information?

Most guys will do pretty much anything for a pretty girl. Soldiers who are away at war and see a pretty girl on Facebook who is keen to talk them is a pretty amazing scenario. But what if this pretty girl is not really a pretty girl, but members of the Taliban trying to gain top secret information? Well, then your penis got you and potentially your country in trouble again (via Technabob).

A report has surfaced that says the Taliban are using pretty pictures of girls, making fake Facebook accounts, and trying to befriend soldiers with the sinister purpose to gather military info. The report notes that Australian and coalition troops have been targeted. Social media in general has been a problem for the military, as Facebook and Twitter geo-tag uploaded photos. So when someone says “Look at how I’m training this morning” and uploads a picture of a tank, these new hot female friends of yours know exactly where you are. Checking in at “Afghanistan Cave” also gives it away. Sources also say that friends and family might also be inadvertently telling the ‘bad guys’ where people are. Moral of the story? There are actually no hot girls on Facebook, so don’t join.

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