Depressing Indie and Rock Songs About Breakups, Heartbreak, and Rejection – Part 3

One of our more popular posts every year is our list of indie songs that deal with breakups, heartbreak, and rejection. Perhaps I should include a link to some therapy sites at the bottom of the page (or if you’re a cute indie chick, my phone number).

As we did in 2012 and 2013, we return with a brand new list of indie songs that deal with all things bad about a relationship. Or that special someone that doesn’t know you exist. Or cheated on you. Or rejected you. Are you getting the point, or have you stopped reading through your tears?

PeteHatesMusic and hates hearts

I definitely did not re-use this artwork from 2013…

Before I insult my readers any further, I present you with our “anti-Valentine’s Day” playlist. Let us know about any gems we missed by tweeting us @PeteHatesMusic or commenting below. And be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our list. And feel free to let us know if we misinterpreted any songs, or if you have a different take on things. I’ll kindly point out that you’re wrong, but as long as you think you have a say, that’s all that counts.

CHVRCHES – Gun: Hell hath no fury like a women scorned.

Austra – Forgive Me: I think the title says it all, but trying to make someone understand and believe you.

Cults – I Can Hardly Make You Mine: A song about the break up of the 2 band members. Awkward!

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?: A song about about pure infatuation. But do these feelings go both ways?

London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years: I’ll let singer Hannah Reid do the talking, “That was a big ex-boyfriend one. That’s probably the most ex-boyfriend one, maybe. But it is about how youth as well, how that plays a part in the human psychology and relationships… How it makes you feel, especially when you’ve been with that person for a really long time. I think really at the time as well, we were going through a really transitional time of life. All of our friends were kind of moving on to bigger things and working elsewhere in the city, and we were huddled away in our studio…”

Banks – Warm Water: Asking yourself a lot of questions before diving into something you don’t think you’re feeling.

Sohn – Warnings: Things are not going the right way, so do you let it all slip away, despite the past?

STACEY – Calling Me: When a guy in a relationship wants you, what do you do?

Gambles – So I Cry Out: The song appears to be about both the end of a marriage AND the loss of a child during pregnancy – double sad whammy!

Frightened Rabbit – Poke: A track from a few years ago, but still a good one. Sometimes you’re with someone so long, that the love is gone, but can you end it?

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