14 Depressing Indie and Rock Songs About Breakups, Heartbreak, and Rejection – Part 2

Valentine’s Day is this week – hooray? Not if you’re single, in a shitty relationship, or recently had Zooey Deschanel get a restraining order against you (I know that she secretly loves me though).

Last year, we ran an extremely popular playlist of depressing indie and rock songs about breakups, heartbreak, and rejection, which has been shared over 7000 times like just my whore of an ex-girlfriend. Since there are literally thousands of songs that fit the bill, and since Zooey Deschanel won’t drop her restraining order against me, I thought another playlist would be in order (which I am typing up no less than 50 yards from Ms. Deschanel – just like the law states).

PeteHatesMusic Hates Valentine's Day

This definitely didn’t take me less than 60 seconds to draw…..

On last year’s playlist, we featured tracks such as The Black Keys – Things Ain’t Like They Used to Be, Stars – Your Ex-Lover is Dead, City and Colour – Sometimes (I Wish), and many others – just click on the link already, so that I can stop typing.

This year, we continued our focus on indie songs, and tried to stick to more recent songs. Since Valentine’s Day is on the 14th, we have another 14 songs for you to play while you get over some jerk that cheated on you, or to play while some girl named Zooey goes out with some other guy who isn’t you. Check it out below in both our YouTube playlist and our Songza playlist, which includes 14 songs from last year, too. Give us some other recommendations below in the comments or @PeteHatesMusic on Twitter.

And instead of rejecting us, how about giving us some Facebook love and Twitter love – who doesn’t love followers (well, besides Zooey Deschanel and her lawyers).

14 Depressing Indie and Rock Songs About Breakups, Heartbreak, and Rejection – Part 2

All lyrics are subject to interpretation that is better than the one provided below – ask the bands if you have specific questions. Or pipe up @PeteHatesMusic or in the comments.

The xx – Chained: Trying to hold on to something as you drift apart.

Alt-J – Breezeblocks: Trapped in a hostile relationship and trying to escape. The video involves murder, too!

Grimes – Genesis: Wanting to find love and always being the lover, but never able to have it or find it yourself.

Bahamas – Lost in the Light: A track about the death of a relationship. You mourn its loss but you also celebrate it.

Feist – The Bad In Each Other: Two individually good people who just can’t work as a couple.

Lykke Li – Sadness is a Blessing: Sadness piled onto sadness. Can she say sadness any more times?

Solange – Losing You: You wouldn’t know it by the upbeat song, but Solange is wondering if she is losing the one that she loves.

Daughter – Candles: Seemingly about sex and not love, and using someone for dirty, dirty sex and not a relationship.

Bat for Lashes – All Your Gold: Hanging onto an old relationship when in a new one is never a good thing.

The Spring Standards – Only Skin: A vicious yet beautiful song about leaving someone and telling them to complete forget you and don’t look into any signs – we’re done!

The White Stripes – There’s No Home For You Here: About an ex-girlfriend that you realize you need to get out of your life and want her to go away.

She & Him – Thieves: Another track that’s a few years old, but dammit if it’s not a great song. And of course I had to include Zooey Deschanel on this list! Sometimes “thieves” get in the way of a good relationship, right Zooey?!

The Weeknd – Wicked Games: Either about drug addiction OR breaking up with a chick and banging a hooker to deal with the hate that you feel. We’ve all been there, right?

Chromatics – These Streets Will Never Look the Same: Trying to escape and forget a relationship, and seeing things differently.

Any good songs that you think should be on our most recent list? Tell us on Twitter @PeteHatesMusic or in the comments!

14 Depressing Indie and Rock Songs About Breakups, Heartbreak, and Rejection – Part 2

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