Morning Music Notes – Who Watches Music Videos These Days?

Rather than give you a new song for your morning, I will give you comedy in the form of Noel Gallagher. Love or hate Oasis, you have to admit that Noel Gallagher is one hilarious guy. He could literally be a stand up comedian with the gems he throws out all the time. Sure, he goes overboard when making fun of bands, but when he talks about anything else, he is often laugh out loud funny.

Noel Gallagher dvd via youtube screen cap
So Noel reminiscences of the old days of being in Oasis, and specifically reviews a handful of their videos. He doesn’t like them. “Oh, I was drunk when I did this video. Look how pissed I am there!” is one of the gems. “The director asked me to do it with a bit more energy in my eyes. To this day I have no idea what he means – do you want me to stare at you like I’m a serial killer?!”

If you’ve seen these videos over the years, you can relate to the comments Noel makes. Check out the magic below.

Noel Gallagher’s Commentary on Oasis Music Videos

Morning Music Notes

Oscar winners (how weird does that sound?) Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are re-teaming again to score another David Fincher movie. The soundtrack will be for Fincher’s upcoming movie Gone Girl. (via Exclaim)

Are you awaiting that new OutKast album? It seems like Big Boi and Andre 3000 have solo albums to do first. But do they release everyone wants an OutKast album? (via Gigwise)

Speaking of solo stuff, the man who is the frontman of many bands, Damon Albarn, almost formed another band before going solo. The man is addicted to bands! (via NME)

Interpol are planning a new tour AND a new album. They haven’t release an album since 2010. (via Pitchfork)

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