Watch! Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End

We have a lovely black and white video for Majical Cloudz’s new track, Childhood’s End. My childhood ended when they started remaking movies from my childhood. To take this a step further, Karate Kid was remade starring Will Smith’s kid, whereas Will Smith was the star of a show I watched in my childhood. Deep, I know. Childhood’s End is a dark track, and wonderfully sung, evoking images of sadness. This segues nicely to the video portion of this post.

Majical Cloudz - Childhood's End - YouTube screen cap

The video shows me in about 10 years time, living a sad and lonely life. The video actually stars Devon Welsh’s dad (Devon Welsh = Majical Cloudz). Make your ears happy and check out the song, but also make your eyes happy and watch the video. Happiness in times of sorrow. The album, Impersonator, is out on May 21.

Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End

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