Listen! Baby Monster – City of Lovers

When I think of baby monster, I think of that great 80s cartoon, My Pet Monster. However, Baby Monster are Daniel Sternbaum and Marty Larson Xu and are definitely not cartoons – at least not in the press pack I was sent. If the name sounds familiar, it might be because it was attached to remixes by Gorillaz and Foster the People, to name a few. The duo simultaneously wrote the songs behind the City of Lovers EP from different cities, which ended poorly when one part of the song was 15 minutes and the other was 2 minutes. Compromise time!

The City of Lovers EP is out on June 5. You can click to listen to the song City of Lovers, and since you’ll like it, you can also download it (right click, as if I need to tell you) and feed your hungry iPod. Check it out below.

Baby Monster – City of Lovers

baby monster (Photo credit Ashley Haber)

Baby Monster - Definitely human beings (Photo Credit: Ashley Haber)

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