Morning Music Notes – Straight to Video Release

Bombay Bicycle Club have followed recent interactive video Carry Me with new track and lyric video It’s Alright Now, which is what I tell myself every time a 7 year old beats me up for my lunch money.

Bombay Bicycle Club - via YouTube screen cap

The track features a repetitive backing vocal and beat, while the song builds and adds weird layers, like the band often do so well. Check it out and watch out for So Long, See You Tomorrow, which is released on February 3.

Bombay Bicycle Club – It’s Alright Now

Morning Music Notes
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Surprise! Beyoncé (who doesn’t often feature on PHM) dropped a surprise new album on the world overnight. She released 14 tracks and 17 videos exclusively on iTunes. The self-titled “visual album” also stars hubby Jay-Z, baby Blue Ivy, and Frank Ocean. There are 30 second video previews of all of the tracks, too, so pop over to YouTube and get watching. Amazingly, the album didn’t leak, despite many people working on the album and all of the videos being filmed. Maybe I’ll need to re-visit my album leak article… (via NME)

What are The xx doing in March? It looks like they’ll be playing 25 shows in 11 days. They will play at New York’s Park Avenue Armory, with only 40 people in attendance at each show. You will get shamed if you’re that one dude with a cellphone trying to record the whole thing. (via Billboard)

Not to be outdone by the Beyonce iTunes announcement, The Beatles also danced around in their lingerie will release an album to iTunes. It will be a collection of 59 bootlegs and rarities, aptly named The Beatles’ Bootleg album. It is believed to be released due to the EU’s copyright laws, to protect the copyright loophole. (via Gigwise)

Torrent site the Pirate Bay has temporarily switched to a Peru .pe domain name. It is also working on a web browser called PirateBrowser, which they believe will make them harder to target and bring down. Hooray for piracy? (via Digital Trends)

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