RBC Ottawa Bluesfest – Day 10.

Last Day.

Today’s Headliner: Collective Soul

Weather: Started with Rain, ended hot and clear.

Today’s Acts:

Lord Huron: These guys are a sun-soaked indie folk band from Los Angeles. Very good songs over an etherial new-age folk sound. Also, a hint on Kenny Chesney country. I liked these guys.

The Darcys: A band we’ve pumped up before, The Darcys played a great set yesterday. Fun to hear the band share some stories of what playing shows in Ottawa means has meant to the band over the years. And given the energy the pump into their smoothed-out indie rock in the live setting, not lip-service. Accomplished indie rock played with a great mix of angst and rhythm.

USS: Nobody is going to deny that these dudes have lots of energy. This was among the most energetic shows at the entire festival. The only catch: you’ve got to be into USS. They’re a band who flip between fireside sing along, ear-worm pop, and circa 2010 dubstep. There is a time and a place in a serious music fan’s life for a band like this (I grew up loving Fishbone). I don’t doubt this band fills in a musical stepping stone for many fans – a gateway from pop music to harder stuff. But once you get past that gateway (i.e. a jerk in his 30s like me) it’s hard to get into a band like this.

No disrespect intended – just not my pick.

Sam Roberts: Montreal’s Sam Roberts Band might be at the top of the Canadian touring rock band heap right now. They are certainly at the top of their game. A band that made it by tirelessly touring is a no-brainer to play a great show at an outdoor festival. Not their first show at Bluesfest – won’t be their last – one of their best.

More recaps coming later today.






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