Friday Afternoon Funnies: Blackberry’s Last Employee (with Dave Foley)

Blackberry is currently in free fall mode. What was once the world leader in mobile phones is now unfortunately perceived as the Rob Ford of phones (Crackberry anyone?). While I like Blackberry and root for the Canadian company, it’s hard not to read the increasingly negative headlines (another commonality with Rob Ford).

Funny or Die video via Funny or Die screen cap
More recently, thousands of layoffs have hit the company. Funny or Die aims to make a comedic situation out of this tragedy of sorts. They rope in Kids in the Hall veteran Dave Foley, who is Blackberry’s last employee. He’s sort of losing his mind, but he did discover a lot of iPhones that got abandoned when Blackberry employees had to vacate their desks. Check out the comedic breakdown in this week’s edition of Friday Afternoon Funnies.

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