Listen! John Newman – Losing Sleep

The soul revival has been bubbling under the surface the past 5 years or so, with Amy Winehouse really bringing it to the forefront. No one has really taken the torch since she tragically passed away. We’ve featured a few bands that blend the retro sounds with new energy, such as The Milk. We now have another one, the ‘ready to explode’ 23 year old Brit, John Newman. Okay, maybe he’s already exploded as he landed a number 1 album in the UK, with debut Tribute.

Newman has a new single called Losing Sleep, which is what I’m doing because no one visits my blog (*sad face). It features amazing vocals, and is a song that makes you want to whip off your suit jacket and dance on a table. Okay, now I’m getting some weird looks in my office. Great. Check out the track below.

John Newman – Losing Sleep

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