Morning Music Notes – Bonhommepalooza

Festival d’été de Québec – Mon Dieu!

I have no clue what I just wrote. But if you somehow do, you might have gathered that Quebec City is hosting the aptly named Quebec City Summer Festival this summer. It runs July 4-14, dates which are similar to Ottawa’s Blluesfest, and the cities are close together, and feature several similar acts. We get The Black Keys, Rush, Wu-Tang Clan, Weezer, Belle & Sebastian, Tiesto, Passion Pit, Eagles of Death Metal, Father John Misty, and many more. I don’t think Bonhomme will be making an appearance – he’s more of a winter snowman. Check their website to give yourself a French lesson and to try and buy some tickets.

Quebec City 2013 line up

Pharrell Williams Talks Nonsense About Jay-Z’s new Album

“Rain Man is back, Rain Man is back” are the 6 words Pharrell Williams decided to use when talking about Jay-Z. Sure, Jay-Z has referred to himself as Rain Man, but Jay-Z never really went anywhere, making the sentence more confusing than helpful. Next confusing sentence: “I gave him a straight up Stanley Kubrick movie” (via MTV). Rain Man ain’t no Kubrick movie, so just what is he trying to say? The beats and the production for the track he gave Jay-Z are great, and Jay-Z does a great job lyrically on it. Well, that sounds a bit dorky now doesn’t it. Let’s stick with the Rain Man thing. I presume the new track will appear on an upcoming album – how’s that for putting myself out there?

Is Jimmy Kimmel’s New Coachella Gag Fake?

Jimmy Kimmel has some great gags where his team hits the streets and asks people about the new iPhone, while showing them an older version and have them accidentally praising the wrong phone. He tried the same thing at Coachella, asking people about made up yet semi-realistic sounding indie bands, and hearing them talk about these unknown bands.

The magic of editing might reveal that only a small percentage of people were actually tricked. Skeptics in general will say that the interviewers questions are in fact overdubbed. The mic doesn’t come back to her enough, and the audio quality is slightly different, and I don’t know if people are that dumb. Apologies to the people in the video if it’s real and you are that much of a poser. Check it out below.

Lie Witness News – Jimmy Kimmel Live

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