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YouTube Set to Close, Thus Ending the 8 Year Competition

Put your video cameras away and stop training your cat to do tricks that makes my cat jealous – YouTube is no longer accepting “entries”. Sure, you might have thought that YouTube was going to live forever, and you could endlessly post short videos of you seeing double rainbows or continually watch the latest Radiohead video without paying a cent. But those days are over. Odd that this announcement comes on April Fools’ Day

YouTube Set to End

There are a few more April Fool’s gags floating around the Interwebs, too.

Gmail Blue – Email of the Future

Blue Man Group are a happy group of people with Google’s new Gmail Blue announcement. Google wanted brown, but “brown was a disaster.” Check out a video of the innovative, paradigm-shifting email program, and then recall it is April 1. “The culture of Google is to incorporate mood shot thinking into every project.” Aren’t we all though?

Gmail Blue

More April Fool’s Stuff from Google

Explore Treasure Mode with Google Maps - YouTube screen cap

As good an idea as Gmail Blue might’ve been, it simply ain’t real. But wouldn’t it be cool if Treasure Mode for Google Maps was? Google are scanning old pirate maps to digitize them and discover treasures using Google Maps. “Some hidden symbols are only revealed by sunlight.” Yup, sign me up.

Autographed Sgt. Pepper’s Album Sells for 6 Figures

Scribbled signatures never go out of style. The Beatles slapped their signatures onto a copy of their Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album in 1967, and in 2013 it sold for a healthy $290,500 (via NME). Who knew that runner up would be put off by that final $500 bid? The album was projected to see for $35,000, but they clearly underestimated the craziness of Beatles fans.

‘Pope of Pop’ Phil Ramone Dies

Producer Phil Ramone has died at the age of 72. The “Pope of Pop” was nicknamed such because of his work with the likes of Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Billy Joel, and Paul Simon (via Rolling Stone). His work includes Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks and Paul Simon’s Still Crazy After All These Year, amongst many other albums.

Stevie Wonder said “What a heart break to all of us who knew him and loved him. What a great man, what a kind spirit, such an incredible producer. The star of stars behind the stars. Phil will be missed always.”

Watch! Azealia Banks – No Problems

Azealia Banks is taking her diss tracks with Angel Haze a step further and is now making music videos for them. The track is set to appear on upcoming album, Broke with Expensive Taste. The video was filmed at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and props to the giant Canadian flag in the crowd. Check it out below.

Azealia Banks – No Problems

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