Morning Music Notes – Meet TV Star Fred Durst

We have some new stuff from Dum Dum Girls (who we randomly saw in Portugal). The girl band are about to drop Too True on January 29. We have cover art below to prove it.

Dum Dum Girls - Too True
Our first taste of the album is Lost Boys and Girls Club. The slow burning track has some fuzzy guitars and an infectious lead line, with some good vocals to top it off. Make your ears happy and check out Dum Dum Girls below.

Morning Music Notes
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Bad news for Kanye West fans (in select cities) – his tour has been postponed due to a truck accident with his stage equipment. The already re-scheduled show in Vancouver was canned once again, as is Denver and Minneapolis. Another source says the entire tour is postponed, but we’ll hold off reporting that fake news for now (via Rolling Stone)

This might be awesome due to nostalgia or terrible because who is involved. Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst is working with the CW to develop a one-hour drama called The Noise. It will be based on, yup, Mr. Fred Durst. (via Rolling Stone)

Yoko Ono is thankful that Paul McCartney doesn’t hate her guts (I’m paraphrasing). Well, Paul said “If John loved her, there’s got to be something. He’s not stupid.” He also noted she didn’t split up the Beatles, so she’s happy she managed to pull the wool over his eyes, too. (via Rolling Stone)

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