Morning Music Notes – I Want to Go to Kiss Land

Unknown New Act David Bowie Tops UK Charts

The fastest selling album of 2013 in the UK thus far now belongs to me!!! David Bowie. Bowie sold 94,000 copies of his first album since 2003, and outsold celebrated lyricist Bon Jovi by two to one (via Guardian). Bowie might have the top of the charts, but has he done a show with Triumph the Comic Insult Dog? I think not.

The Weeknd Wants to Take You to Kiss Land

Interesting album title from Toronto’s The Weeknd. It will be called Kiss Land (via NME). Is Kiss Land the place you try to get to with a first date? Perhaps it’s some R-rated amusement park. We shall find out later this year, when his new album drops. No word on release date or possible tracks.

Tone Loc Collapses on Stage from Possible Seizure

Let’s hope some sick people didn’t film and upload footage of this – Tone Loc collapsed on stage in Iowa this weekend from what is reported as being a seizure (via Gigwise). Last July, Tone Loc also collapsed on stage, but it was from exhaustion. I don’t know what’s more amazing – the fact that he had a seizure on stage, or the fact he still has a music career that has him touring in Iowa.

Beyonce Drops A Bizarre New Track

Beyonce - Bow-Down

In response to all the love we’ve been giving her little sister Solange, Beyonce has decided to stop making babies and starting making hit music once again. She’s off to an interesting start, with a random track posted to SoundCloud. It’s an aggressive sounding Beyonce, with her dropping the phrase “bitches” continuously.

The song then completely eliminates Beyonce’s vocals during a lengthy second half outro to the track. Is she testing the waters of a new direction, or is this the new direction? The track was produced by the same dude that produced “Niggas in Paris” – Hit-Boy. Check out the (photoshopped?) artwork above and listen to the track, Bow Down/I Been On below.

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