Morning Music Notes – Who Cares About Syria, What’s This Twerking Business All About?

We have another video of Solange showing off her unique dancing skills. This means we have another one of her excellent track from last year’s True EP to feast upon.

Solange - Lovers In The Parking Lot (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap
Her track Losing You was one of our favourites from 2012. Lovers in the Parking Lot is also excellent. Check it out below, and go learn those dance moves.

Solange – Lovers in the Parking Lot

Morning Music Notes

The world is full of idiots and celebrity-obsession. Proof? Besides this sad excuse for a blog, on Twitter between July 1 and Sept 11 this year, there was 10x as many tweets about twerking than there was about Syria. I’m guilty, too. Read more over at Wired.

This is interesting and somewhat surprising to me. Singer Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs is joining the Voice UK as one of the coaches. He joined, Kylie Minogue, and Tom Jones. I guess if you can’t write hit songs any more, this is the next best thing – boosting your self-esteem by yelling at people (via Guardian)

Jay-Z is continuing his dabbling in the world of sports agency and is selling off his stake in Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre to continue this passion project with Roc Nation. Now he can rep players like Dennis Rodman and Jose Canseco (please please please) (via MTV)

Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake will both play free shows as part of their Jimmy Kimmel visits on September 23 and September 24. Hopefully Kimmel doesn’t get Macca to twerk in a fake viral video (via Consequence of Sound)

iTunes Radio is out (except in Canada, because we don’t get nice things). If you have iTunes Match, the ads you’re exposed to are limited. If you don’t have it, expect up to 13 ads an hour. You are a target market (via Slash Gear)

How many photos do you think are updated to Facebook each day? A million? 10 Million? Want me to keep naming numbers for the next 13 paragraphs? Answer: a massive 350 million pics are uploaded to Facebook every single day. I’m guessing 45% baby-related, 45% pet-related, and 10% food related. Facebook sucks (via Digital Trends)

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