Listen! Brianna Lea Pruett – New Life

As any music blogger will tell you, we listen to a lot of music, and we get sent a LOT of emails. I have a decent system of flagging the songs that I want to post. The problem is, we all have a finite amount of time, and I can’t always post everything I want to. Then I feel bad posting a song that’s been out for a month and looking like that idiot who finally heard Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. The point of my rambling is that I meant to post a song by the talented Brianna Lea Pruett, but it slipped through the cracks. With another new song, I’ll post not only that track but her earlier song I meant to post. Everyone wins (except the people who had to suffer through this pointless paragraph).

Brianna Lea Pruett
Brianna has a simple but beautiful acoustic tune called New Life, which is what girls are always telling me to get one of. The song is lifted from Gypsy Bells. As promised, below New Life is another tune that I should’ve posted earlier. This song is called No Diamond Ring, which is what girls are always telling me to buy them (they don’t want no diamond rings from me). The song is another slow, acoustic one that demonstrates the melodic vocals of Brianna. Give them both a listen to below, and rid me of my guilt.

But wait, there’s another tune for you. Check it out below.

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