Make Your Ears Happy! April 25, 2017 Edition

Because I listen to so much music (so many musics?), I don’t remember every single band I’ve posted. I try to follow them on Spotify or Soundcloud or Twitter to keep up with new tracks, especially if they’re smaller bands that might not trend on Twitter or other sources. But sometimes, they just drop off my radar.

London Grammar Oh Woman Oh Man

When listening to the PIAS (Play It Again Sam) playlist for “Independent Music Monday”, I heard a track I liked by a band called Vessels. The name rung (ringed?) a bell, so I looked them up, and lo and behold, I posted a track by them way back in 2013.

This is a looooong, unnecessarily roundabout way of saying – we have a playlist for you with 4 bands (spoiler alert: one of them is from Vessels). We also have a fab new track from London Grammar, a deluxe edition track from Gorillaz, and a lovely track from Aussie singer Tash Sultana. Make your ears happy.

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