Morning Music Notes – Goals Goals Goals by Trent Reznor

Four Tet (or do I mean Burial?) is about to release an album called Beautiful Rewind. Sadly, rewinding is an act that future generations will never get to experience. Anyway, Four Tet hasn’t told us the date of the new album, but he has given us another track.

Four Tet - Parallel Jalebi
We have a four minute track called Parallel Jalebi, and yes, I don’t know what that means either. If you like the blips and blops that he puts out, then you’ll like this vocal blend mix with his electronic sounds. Check it out below.

Morning Music Notes

Netflix uses online piracy to determine which shows to buy. Could a music equivalent, such as festival bookings, be far behind? (via Digital Trends)

A new season of football (or ‘soccer’) has kicked off across Europe, which means there’s a new FIFA video game to lose many hours to, and many hooligans to beat up. The FIFA 14 soundtrack features Nine Inch Nails, CHVRCHES, Vampire Weekend, and more. Drake is the game’s “promotional ambassador” (via Billboard)

Mike Tyson is suing Live Nation. He thinks they embezzled funds from him (via Digital Music News)

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