Morning Music Notes – A Reflection of a Reflection Means Two Albums

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Since SoundCloud decided to stop working every time I tried to link this to, I’m posting it about 18 hours later than I wanted to. Atoms for Peace made a mix for some friends of theirs for their runway show. Thom Yorke and the gang scraped together some unused bits of Atoms for Peace songs, featuring beats from band percussionist Mauro Refosco.

Atoms for Peace - You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry Mush Mix
Bonus: Radiohead’s multi-instrumentalist Jonny Greenwood (or Jonathan Greenwood esq as he’s called on SoundCloud) adds a mashed beat to the mix. The seemingly Incredible Hulk inspired track is named You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry Mush Mx. Check it out below and be inspired to buy some expensive and weird looking clothes.

Morning Music Notes

So you know that new Arcade Fire album? Well, it’s a DOUBLE ALBUM. Plus there’s going to a be giant world tour, for which pre-ordering the album gets you first crack at tickets. Oh, and the band will also rid the world of hunger play the season opener of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Tina Fey (via Gigwise)

The band also played another show at a Salsa Club last night, the kind of club I always have trouble finding nachos at despite the misleading name. CBC captured their entrance to the venue, wearing giant papier-mâché heads, ala the video for Reflektor. Only in Canada could a big band allow fans to get so close with zero security.

Arcade Fire’s Arrival

A Perfect Circle are releasing a limited edition box set, complete with live tracks, guitar pick, and many other goodies. It’s called A Perfect Circle: Featuring Stone And Echo and will set you back $150 (via Consequence of Sound)

Kanye West made a spur of the moment appearance of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. He played Bound 2, the most ‘Kanye’ sounding track of new album Yeezus (in that it apes his classic sampling selection). The track also featured Charlie Wilson of the Roots (who just happen to be the house band of Jimmy Fallon). AND KANYE WORE THAT DRESS AGAIN! Check out the album closer below, and note that it’s for US audiences only, but about a minute after it told me that, it started playing for me here in Canada.

Kanye West – Bound 2 (live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

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