Morning Music Notes – Filling My Cat Quota

If there’s one thing readers of PeteHatesMusic should know, it is that I have an unhealthy obsession with cats. Heck, it is even mentioned in our press page. Thankfully, Toronto band Secret Broadcast have fulfilled my cat quota for the day by making a video at a Cat Birthday Party, which makes me sad that I have never been invited to one such party yet.

Secret Broadcast - More Than Friends

The video is not just shamelessly featuring cats – the band have a good song to back it up. The catchy song is called More Than Friends, and this is where one might make an inappropriate joke about the song title and cats. Maybe the band can rename themelves Secret Broadcats and have all cat videos, all the time? The track is off of new album Filthy Souls. Watch some kittens and rock n roll below.

Secret Broadcast – More Than Friends

Morning Music Notes

Toronto indie music store Sonic Boom is combining its Kensington Market and Annex stores into one new location on Spadina Avenue. With Honest Ed’s being sold, the music retailer had to decide if to close or relocate anyway. (via Exclaim)

Noel Gallagher tweeted a picture of himself (but not a selfie) in the studio on his 47th birthday. Can we get that second solo album already please?

Marilyn Manson will play a white supremacist in the TV show Sons of Anarchy. He also recently appeared in Californication and make up-free in Eastbound and Down. Didn’t he also act in the Wonder Years? (via NME)

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