Watch! Will Varley – When You’re Gone

Day 4 of catching up on post-vacation emails, and I’ve stumbled across some folk rock that I like. The singer is Will Varley, from Kent, UK. He has a track called When You’re Gone, which isn’t a cover of that awful duet between Bryan Adams and Sporty Spice. “Even food don’t taste that good” is just a terrible, all-around lyric.

Will Varley - When You're Gone
The Will Varley track features some raw sounding yet excellent vocals from the singer. And how can you not like the video for When You’re Gone – it features those balls that kids sit and hop on, with those udder-like handles. This is the worst description ever, but check out the picture above. Anyway, it features those things with animal faces sketched on them. They’re acting like people! Sarcasm aside, it’s sort of cool. Check it out below.

Will Varley – When You’re Gone

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