Morning Music Notes – Dress Up or Get Out

As part of the deluxe edition of their Polaris Prize nominated album Ultramarine, Young Galaxy dropped bonus track Crying My Heart Out back in August. The track now has a shiny, new video.

Young Galaxy - Crying My Heart Out- (video) via Vevo screen cap
The video has a person dolled up with a purple face and a dress singing the song, as one does. And there’s crying. One might think they are crying their heart out but they just found out that PeteHatesMusic is the only site that works on the Internet. You should watch the video below and try not to cry anything out.

Young Galaxy – Crying My Heart Out

Morning Music Notes
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Arcade Fire are going on a massive tour – this much we know. When they played some of their Reflektor release shows, they asked the crowd in those small venues to dress up. The band have now asked the same of their arena tour attendees – to wear formal attire or costume. There’s been some Twitter rage about this, but I think it’ll look cool on the DVD that these complainers will inevitably buy.

Great news for Monty Python fans. Graham Chapman has been resurrected! The 5 remaining Pythons are rumoured to reunite for some sort of project. The Telegraph names their top 5 Monty Python songs.

I’m sure you’ve seen the footage or read about the Batkid in San Francisco. It’s the touching story of the Make-A-Wish volunteers turning parts of San Fran into Gotham City and even creating a mini movie for the 5 year old leukemia patient Miles Scott to live out his fantasies. Besides doing all of this incredible stuff, it turns out composer Hans Zimmer actually wrote an original score for the day. Pretty incredible stuff. (via Consequence of Sound)

This is bizarrely awesome. Justin Bieber apparently cancelled his November 10 show in Buenos Aires, Argentina halfway through due to food poisoning (so I see he got my package). What happened next? Oh, thousands of girls crying their hearts out (circular reference bonus points!). Check out the footage below.

Teenage Girls Crying Hysterically

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