Morning Music Notes – Fixing A Hole in My Tooth

We have a dancey, dreamy song to wake you up today. The track is by Steffaloo (aka Steph Thompson) from Los Angeles.

Steffaloo + Chrome Sparks - Eyes for You
The track features Chrome Sparks, and is called Eyes for You, which is what some girl will have for me someday. Check out the delicate yet dancey electronic track Eyes for You below.

Morning Music Notes

Having just finished Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink, and with a similar case study done in Blink, I find this new study interesting. A study done by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that people could identify the winners of music competitions at a higher rate by watching the video on mute than by listening to the artist without the accompanying video. This is why some symphonies use screens for auditions – to eliminate unfounded visual bias (via wired)

Now this could be awesome, but it’s about as realistic as Ted Williams being unfrozen from his cryogenically frozen state and coming back to play for the Boston Red Sox. Canadian dentist Michael Zuk is trying to extract DNA from the molar of John Lennon (which he bought two years ago), so he can CLONE JOHN LENNON. After that, can you clone some dinosaurs, and make some kind of theme park for them? (via Rolling Stone)

Tool are just about done the music side of their new album. They just need to turn it over to Maynard James Keenan to cook up some lyrics, and you know, sing on it, and voila – a new album. They previously thought 2014, so we’ll see (via Rolling Stone)

Grimes will co-host MTV Style’s Red Carpet event at Sunday’s MMVAs. Let’s hope for some wacky outfits and controversy (via MTV Hive)

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