Morning Music Notes – iPhone > All of Microsoft; Apple > All of Us

Is Apple the Most Valuable Company of All-Time?

Remember when Apple was pretty much extinct about 20 years ago, before the Second Coming of Steve Jobs? Well, they have hit what people are calling an all-time record high for all companies, with the company’s valuation at $624 billion (via Digital Trends). This makes it the most valuable company in Wall Street history.

However, as Tech Crunch points out, this does not account for inflation. Inflation relates to those stories your parents told you about a beer costing them 5 cents when they were kids. In 1967, IBM was worth a present-day value of $1.3 trillion. So a trillion is worth more than a billion? I probably missed that in school. IBM’s $192.3 billion valuation in 1967, multiplied by the inflation rate of 6.85 gives you a headache historical leader when accounting for inflation. Suck on that, Apple!

Shocking fact: I wear women’s clothing ALL THE TIME The iPhone, which didn’t exist 5 years ago, has higher sales than all of Microsoft’s products (via iPhone in Canada). To quote Forbes, the iPhone had sales “more than Windows, Office, Xbox, Bing, Windows Phone, and every other product that Microsoft has created since 1975. In the quarter ended March 31, 2012, iPhone had sales of $22.7 billion; Microsoft Corporation, $17.4 billion.” Suck on that, Microsoft!

Green Day Teams with Angry Birds

With each new album a band makes, new marketing and promotional ideas are sought. It usually involves bands hopping on the latest trends, and consists of increasingly more unorthodox cross-promotions. The latest oddity: punk (read: emo) band, Green Day have teamed with mobile phone game Angry Birds (which I have never played!) to turn the band members into pigs in a new version of the game (via Digital Trends). “I thought they were already pigs” says Captain Lazy Joke Maker.

The new game is a 10-level one called Angry Birds Friends, and will have the band members as evil pigs. Check out the promo video below, and try to unlock songs by beating levels, rather than easily downloading the songs on torrent sites online.

Nicki Minaj is Apparently New American Idol Judge, But Forget That, And Listen to Her Rap for 55 Minutes

This is not confirmed, nor do I care about American Idol, but rapper Nicki Minaj will reportedly join Mariah Carey on the panel of American Idol (via Rolling Stone). The only reason I post this is because I have related Nicki Minaj news, and it’s for fans of her straight up raps and non-poppy choruses.

I remember first hearing Nicki Minaj rip through a few Kanye West verses on his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. Now, Antye “AGF” Greie and Vladislav Delay have put together a mixtape of just Nicki rapping – for 55 minutes (via Chart Attack). Much better than her radio-friendly stuff, no? Throw it on in the background and listen to her spit for almost an hour.

Watch! Garbage – Big Bright World

Garbage’s idea of a big, bright world involves a video in black and white, with the odd splash of colour. SYMBOLISM! The track, Big Bright World, is a straightforward rock song (which is a pretty neutral statement if I say so myself), lifted from the reunited band’s recent album, Not Your Kind of People. Check it out below.

Garbage – Big Bright World

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