Morning Music Notes – Field Trips Are Fun

Live Nation Charged in Radiohead Stage Collapse in Toronto

In case you missed our tweet on Friday, concert promoters Live Nation Canada have been charged in the fatal stage collapse at the Radiohead show in Toronto from last summer. The collapse sadly killed drum technician Scott Johnson.

In total, 13 charges have been placed by Ministry of Labour, with 8 of those against Live Nation Canada Inc. and Live Nation Ontario Concerts GP Inc. (via Toronto Star). Optex Staging & Services Inc. also faces 4 charges. One lone engineer, Domenic Cugliari, is also charged after the investigation.

If iRadio is True, It Might Steal Some Customers from Spotify and Pandora

Apple are widely expected to announce their music streaming service iRadio today. Remember when surprises existed, before the days of the internet? A quick survey by GroupM’s Next’s Consumer Insights of 1,000 people revealed that 34% of Internet radio users would leave their current services to join Apple’s new service (via hypebot). This is without any knowledge of price or functionality of the service. You people are slaves to Apple!

Arts & Craft Field Trip Festival Deemed a Success

Based on my Twitter feed and everything that I have read, the Field Trip Festival, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of Toronto indie label Arts & Crafts, was a giant success. From great food, craft beers, free Arts & Crafts: X albums to the first 1000 people there, this was a festival done right. I didn’t attend (*sad face), so feel free to tell me if Arts & Crafts are killing off the media who are trying to say bad things, and let me know if you had a bad time.

Anyway, Broken Social Scene ended their two year hiatus by headlining the show and playing You Forgot It In People from top to bottom. You can scour YouTube and dig up pretty much every song from their set. Below is the track Lover’s Spit, which features a billion people on the stage. Also, Jimmy Shaw from Metric showed up and surprised Kevin Drew before playing the song Jimmy and the Call, named for Jimmy Shaw. What perfect timing!

Broken Social Scene – Lover’s Spit (Live at Field Trip Festival, Toronto)

Watch Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich DJ a New Thom Yorke Song

Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich - Honey Pot on Radio Friday, 6 June 2013 - YouTube screen cap

I tweeted a link to this recently, but never posted it. This is yet another reason why you should follow @PeteHatesMusic on Twitter (hint hint). Anyway, Thom and Nigel stopped by Southern California radio station KCRW and played a track called Honey Pot (named after Winnie the Pooh’s favourite thing in the world). The track started as a remix of the Radiohead track All I Need, but evolved into a little something more.

Thom Yorke – Honey Pot

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