Morning Music Notes – Courtney Love Doesn’t Like Cobain Pics at Her Concert

Rumour Has It Google to Launch Music Store This Week

Theme song for the headline brought to you by Adele. This Wednesday is an invitation-only event (the kind of events in life that I never get to go to) for a Google announcement, and it has gone out to industry execs and journalists. However, the rumour mill also notes that it is believed Google has only reached an agreement with Universal Music (shiny new owners of EMI) for its new music download store (via Telegraph).

“Sony Music and Warner Music are understood to have not yet signed. Negotiations between the remaining two major labels and Google are continuing as the music industry is keen for a new service to rival Apple’s iTunes. Google declined to comment. The download store is expected to be US-only at launch but will gradually roll out to the UK and other territories.”

The event is scheduled to kick off at 2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST and will serve free cupcakes! stream live at

PeteHatesMusic’s iPhones with the gMusic app have been getting notices about the import feature about to be canceled. PHM contacted the gMusic developers to confirm what this means, but have not yet received a response. Could it be related?

Fan at Courtney Love Concert Holds Up Kurt Picture, Pisses Off Courtney

Courtney Love apparently still plays music, and doesn’t just milk the Nirvana/Kurt Cobain estate. Her band, Hole, were performing at the Brazilian festival SWU on Saturday night and a crowd member decided to hold up a picture of her late hubby Kurt Cobain.

Love yelled at the crowd member, “I don’t need to see a picture of Kurt asshole and I’m going to have you fucking removed if you keep holding that up. I’m not Kurt, I have to live with his shit and his ghost and his kid every day and throwing that up is stupid and rude and I’m going to beat the fuck out of you if you do it again. You weren’t fucking married to him, I fucking was. You didn’t get kicked out of a band by him, like Dave, he did. Go see the fucking Foo Fighters and do that shit.”

Watch this and more down below. And now you know what to do if your favourite band is headlining after Hole and you want them to come on sooner.

[youtube ZFPOPrdyig4]

Jimmy Fallon Imitates Jim Morrison, Decides to Sing Reading Rainbow

Late night host Jimmy Fallon isn’t shy about showing off his musical chops. Nor his pork chops, as the ones he served me were fantastic. He has done the History of Rap segment 3 times now with Justin Timberlake, impressively rapping like current and past rappers. Now, he dons a Jim Morrison outfit, and sings the theme song to 1990s TV show, Reading Rainbow. Check it out below.

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