Watch! Coldplay – Hurts Like Heaven

Remember when we discovered the odd news that Coldplay was making a comic book? Now we can sort of see what it led to, in their new animated video for Hurts Like Heaven.

The comic series will be a monthly release starting in February 2013, but the video will give you a taste of it. Hooray for cross-promotion! Sticking with their graffiti theme (have you known many bands to be so linked to their album themes?), the video tells the story of graffiti artists, the evil Major Minus (also the title of a Coldplay track), and a boy named Mylo (with the poor last name of Xyloto).

As for the song, it’s an upbeat one by the English band, but it is not as catchy as their big hits. Although Clocks didn’t have a proper chorus and it did pretty well for itself. The comic doesn’t look half bad though, does it? Check them out below.

Coldplay – Hurts Like Heaven

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