Morning Music Notes – Just What We Need: More Charts!

Muse to Play Post-Apocalyptic Show, Sort Of

Brit rockers Muse haven’t survived some kind of apocalypse that you’re just finding out about from a Canadian indie music blog. They will, however, be playing a show to celebration of a movie about such an event. Muse will play a free show in Horse Guards Parade Ground, St. James’s Park, London, as part of the World War Z movie premiere on June 2 (via Billboard).

The film, starring Brad Pitt, will debut at Leicester Square in London, and the show will kick off shortly afterwards. 15,000 free tickets will be available for the event at 9am BST on Tuesday 28 May, and you can try and grab them here. Almost 15 minutes of Muse’s music appears in the film. If there was ever a zombie apocalypse and you need a band to represent that for your movie, Muse is probably that band. Check out a trailer of the event below.

Muse Live in London following The World War Z World Premiere

Daft Punk Has a Racecar, Just Because

I guess if you walk around in a helmet long enough, you’ll get offers to crossover into something that requires a helmet. Daft Punk, meet Formula 1. Their label, Columbia, has partnered with Team Lotus F1 and have a YouTube video that hints there will be a Daft Punk car. Either that, or Daft Punk are stealing a car in a new reality show that I’m quite interested in. Soon, they’ll be racing ‘around the world’. Yes, that is the pun that won out for that last sentence – don’t make me show you the rejects. Check out a video of it below.

Twitter #Music to Launch Charts

Hot on the heels of Spotify announcing some fancy music charts of their own, Twitter #music has now done the same thing. Although the Twitter #music app has fallen out of the top 100 free apps, they are still pushing ahead with changes. The latest change is to include charts based on genre and Suggested tunes (via hypebot). Check out the so called Superstars right here. Twitter #music listeners, you disappoint me.

Listen to Another Arts & Crafts Collaboration

The Hidden Cameras x Snowblink

Yesterday, we presented you with a couple of Arts & Crafts collaborations that are being released on the Arts & Crafts: X album. Today, we have the latest one. It combines The Hidden Cameras with Snowblink in a track called The Chauffeur. Check it out below.

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